House of Worship Testimonial

Willowbrook Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL

Willowbrook Baptist church replaced their existing monitoring system in their main campus with the myMix personal monitor mixer system. In September of 2011 the main campus was installed with 13 myMix units, an IEX 16L and a 12 port POE switch. myMix was the premier system for the satellite campus. The system debuted in March 2012 and features 7 myMix, the IEX 16L and a 12 port POE switch.

Both the integrator, Randy Saddler of Shelbyville Record Shop and David Freeman, Worship Leader at Willowbrook were impressed with the versatility of myMix but each had different preferences for wanting to install it. “The flexibility and features that myMix offered was one of a kind. With the majority of our musicians being pro or semi-pro–serious musicians who are paid to play music, they really liked the reverb and EQ ability of myMix plus the recording function. From a 64 channel console, the fact that you can pick your 16 channels is a wonderful thing. No musician wants 8 mics on the drums, except the drummer. He can have his 8 mics and send an aux mix of the drums to everyone else” explains Randy. Tech support for the integrating process was also an important factor for Randy.

“The support was unbelievable. I had questions about the SD card and was able to find it right on the website. I called in with a couple questions and got a personal phone call back. The folks at myMix took the time to answer my questions. That is mighty awesome!”


The user friendly interface was an important factor for David: “I liked the digital interfacing. The fact that you can save profiles was huge for us. We are a diverse church with many different services. We may have up to 5 different drummers in a week. Each musician can call up his profile and not have to mess with any other settings.”

With so many different musicians using the same system, ease of use is huge for David: “The learning curve was short. myMix is pretty straightforward even though for some of our musicians, tech stuff can be scary. It is easy to navigate and musicians of all ages and tech ability were able to quickly settle in. Navigating myMix is so simple.

At our church, we have everything from traditional hymns, to a full orchestra, to a praise band. No matter what your age or comfort with technology, you can jump in really quick and use it.

”Since installing and using myMix, David says there is a noticeable improvement in the musician’s performance: myMix has definitely improved our performance. There simply is no comparison to what we were doing before and now. After the learning curve, we quickly got settled in and enjoy what myMix offers.” As the lead vocalist, David’s favorite feature is the ability to use the effects: “I love the effects. It is not a dry mix that I am listening to but a true live experience in my ears, defined by me personally.”

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