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Listen to it! Nothing else comes close to myMix.

Seth Jeffery – Technical Integrator New Life Church, Little Rock, Arkansas

State-of-the-art monitoring & sound control.

myMix provides state-of-the art monitoring for the musicians, supervision and control for the engineers, additional communications and intercom, audio monitoring of RF microphones, high-quality audio transport over long distances. The list of applications for myMix goes on and on.

A modern plug & play, network-based audio system.

myMix is based on a standard Ethernet network architecture and provides low-latency 24-Bit/48kHz audio transport. To add another monitoring frontend to an artist, just plug it with a network cable to the switch. The network delivers all audio data and power to the unit.

Flexibility and scalability plus integrated Intercom.

The myMix system is scalable up to 500 channels. It works perfectly from a solo artist up to a full orchestra or a big band. The integrated intercom makes it easy to talk to individual musicians or entire groups by simply recalling a profile with the dedicated names.

myMix system setup example for a typical live band:

A rich toolbox for musicians and engineers

  • Musicians perform best when they are in their creative flow. myMix musicians can adjust level, tone, pan and add stereo effects for a 3D sound image, which allows them to concentrate on the music instead of the sound.
  • Engineers love myMix for the freedom it gives musicians to create what they want to hear, saving hours of sound checks. No more back and forth of “more keyboards, less vocals”.
  • myMix is budget friendly and can be integrated with any live setup.
  • Expanding the system is easy as your needs grow simply by adding more units. 
  • myMix provides an intuitive user interface, which allows to adjust the sound for individual live performances – even by nontechnical personnel (see below).
  • myMix provides individual operation or integration with any mixing console. See: Connecting Consoles (Examples).
  • myMix allows musicians to easily rehearse or create their performance at home – the recording function allows for play along, play back or one touch recording (see below).
  • Firmware updates with new features allow you to keep your system up to date.

Enjoy making music

With myMix musicians are in control of their individual sound and relieved engineers are in control of the whole performance.

No matter how good the band is, with myMix everyone will play better! Musicians will benefit from great sound with stereo effects for everyone to experience a 3D sound image both on stage and in rehearsals; ease of traveling as it is light and compact; the ability to set up completely independent of the main console which ensures great, individual sound for each musician.

As big as the job demands

Whether it’s five or 150 musicians, whether it’s 20 or up to 500 audio channels.

Never run out of input options. myMix can handle up to 500 audio channels – these can be inputs to the IEX16 input expanders (analog, or digital incl. MADI and Dante), the local inputs of a myMix mixer (mic or line) or the stereo mix of a myMix as submix. If you need only 10 channels, 120 or even more, myMix can handle it.

Be it as a stand-alone or an integrated system, myMix is for you!

Example: 92-channel myMix system with Jimmy Swaggart’s Ministries

Stereo Mixes in 3D-Sound

Enjoy your In-Ear-Monitors.

Many musicians have shared their frustration with using in-ear monitors. myMix fixes the problems, by creating an enjoyable and realistic IEM experience!

An in-ear monitor mix must contain everything the musicians need to hear. With close-miking, there’s almost no spatial information so all instruments and voices seem to originate from the same spot.

This makes listening very challenging, unpleasant and fatiguing. This is also the main cause for having to readjust the mix from song to song.

myMix offers relief: the panning function allows the musician to spread the sound sources from left to right to reflect the actual set up. Effects add more or less “room” or “reverb” to individual signals providing the necessary depth to hear distinct sound sources. This 3-D sound image provides easy listening, very little adjustments and keeps musicians in the creative flow.

myMix has actually allowed me to concentrate on the performance, instead of trying to attract the engineers attention so he can adjust the levels of what I hear onstage.

myMix allows each musician to have control over what they hear in their monitor.

Ard Matthews, Lead Singer of Just Jinjer – South Africa’s Premier Rock Band

Understanding the musicians

Creating their own monitor mix should never be overwhelming for the musicians.

myMix allows each musician to individually select which channels they want to hear and control.

A drummer can select individual drum mics and a submix of the vocals, while the vocalists can select all individual vocal mics and a submix of the drums. This keeps the mix screen clear and musicians can concentrate on their performance.

myMix provides a rugged, compact, portable design; fantastic audio specs and consistent monitoring from concert to concert.

Abraham Martinez – Sound engineer for multi Grammy-award winners Marcos Witt

Designed for easy operation

A personal monitor mixing system should allow the musicians to work without the ongoing support of the engineers.

myMix is designed to operate with meaningful names instead of channel numbers throughout the system. Mixing is as simple as selecting the desired channel name and adjusting volume or mute, set panning or tone control or adding stereo effects.

Ease of Use for musicians and engineers

No matter if you are a musician, a sound designer or sound engineer: myMix will fulfill all your needs beyond your expectations! Whether it is a small system with just four mixers and eight audio channels for a band, or a big system with 30+ mixers and 120 audio channels – the system consists of the same components and they all feature the same easy-to-use, name based user interface.

Mixing with myMix

In reality there are more tone-shaping controls inside myMix than in most small PA mixers.

NOLAN ROSS – Mix Engineer – Church Sound Production Magazine

With myMix it’s simple to create an unlimited number of independent stereo mixes with up to sixteen channels of audio controlled through an intuitive musician friendly interface. Instead of using generic names (like Vocal 1, Vocal 2) myMix allows you to name devices and audio channels (Peter Vocal, Jenny Vocal).

Mixing is simply a matter finding the name or instrument you would like adjust, pressing the big encoder button, and making changes to volume, tone, pan and effect send level.
The individual stereo effect send is vital to create a three-dimensional mix for in-ear monitors. In addition, each channel can be muted or solo’d independently.

A master Mute button is available to silence all channels at once. Every change you make is strictly for you and doesn’t affect anyone else on the network.

Each myMix device offers an impressive set of features and controls. Including:

  • Seven stereo effects
  • A four-band parametric EQ on the output
  • Channel controls for volume, tone, effects send, pan, solo, and mute.

On top of it: the auto-save function keeps your mix safe with 20 available profiles.


In addition to the PAN function, the stereo effects in myMix are vital to create a three-dimensional sound image. Adding more or less effect puts a voice or instrument more or less “deep” in the room – recreating the 3D sound image that gets lost when using headphones or IEMs. There is a choice of 3 rooms and 3 reverbs as well as an adjustbale delay.


Every change you make to your mix is constantly updated in the currently selected profile. If you play in multiple bands,or if a myMix is used by different people, create dedicated profiles and recall withina second. myMix can store up to 20 profiles. In addition to your 16 selected channels with theit settings, the profiles also stores the channel names that are not selected.

Stereo Master EQ

In addition to the tone control per channel, myMix has a four band fully-parametric output EQ for tailoring the output to headphones, in-ear monitors or stage monitors. This comes in handy especially when a myMix is used to create a mix through speakers, e.g. using an extra myMix to drive the PA system in a small venue.

Save time with myMix Control

If you have multiple praise band teams, you use myMix components in other places, or you have a high number of new musicians that need help getting started, then myMix Control is the way to go. The web browser based interface allows you with any computer or tablet to access the myMix system and copy and paste profile, remotely edit mixes or save and load entire projects.

Save and load entire projects using any computer or tablet – wirelessly.

All it takes is the myMix Control plug interface, connected either wired or wireless to the network and open a web browser app to log-in. You can configure a myMix system or individual devices. If you have multiple teams or frequently changing set-ups, this tool will save you a lot of time because you can save and recall all those different profiles . If you are looking to use a myMix Install to provide sound to an overflow room, the locking function is an extra advantage.

Record your sessions with myMix

myMix can capture all selected audio channels as 24-bit wav files on SD cards

Get more from your precious rehearsal time. Once you’ve realized all the benefits of being able to mix your own mix, you’ll want to be able to hear how much better the band sounds.

myMix is the ultimate device for capturing ideas at rehearsal, archiving the gig at the local club, or even tracking your next album. Up to 18 (16 plus stereo mix) tracks of 24bit, 48kHz time-stamped .wav audio files can be recorded to optional SDHC cards.

The moment you hit the REC button a new session folder is created and each signal is recorded directly from the preamp to an individual track without processing.

An additional stereo track of your processed mix is also recorded to provide a quick reference. By pressing the REC button again the session is ended and you are able to either rename the session or keep the default name and continue on.

Simply transfer the files from the SD card into your favorite recording software for overdubs, mixing and mastering. Upload the finished product to your web page or social networking sites and keep your fans up to date with your latest stuff.

Play Back and Play Along

Not only can you record a session, you can also play it back and remix and in play along mode you can use the local inputs and mix them with up to 14 tracks from the SD card.

So if you have musicians who rotate in and out of a group who need to learn parts created by others, just give the new musician a myMix with a multi-track recording of the band on an SD card and they can learn the part without the need for the entire band to be present.

myMix Wave

A tool to play pre-produced audio files on myMix

This application allows you to take audio files from any DAW and convert them into a session folder that can be played back on a myMix unit. myMix Wave adds headers to standard .wav files which enables a myMix to recognize a unit name and track names. myMix Wave requires that all audio files be 24bit, 48kHz .wav files with the same starting time. Create the session foder on your computer and copy it onto an SD card to play back or play along.

Check out the tutorial videos for remixing a session and play along

Watch Video

Playback and Remix

Watch Video

Using Play Along

myMix connects to any pro audio format

Including Dante, MADI and ADAT


Dantify your myMix system! We offer two solutions from our partner Ferrofish to add 16 or 32 myMix channels via ADAT to the leading Plug&Play network.

The Ferrofish VERTO devices deliver all the industry-leading features of Dante in a single compact device. VERTO32 and VERTO64 are out-of-the-box compatible with any other Dante-enabled device. They fit directly into the scalable network infrastructure – with the connection of a simple CAT5/6 cable. The devices are immediately detected with all I/Os and automatically configured. Every room with a Dante LAN connection can be used for recording or mixing – simply plug the VERTO into the network and start to work.


MADI is the industry standard for multi-channel audio at modern concert tours around the globe, classical music recordings, theatres and music studios.

Setups with several hundred channels in a complex setup, including recording interfaces, mixing consoles and converters to all existing audio formats, are easy to realize.

We provide a special bundle with a A32 from our partner Ferrofish. The 258-channel device supports MADI and offers industry-leading perfomance and usability.

Combo of IEX16L-A and Ferrofish Verto32 allows to get 16 audio channels from a DANTE network and feed them to a myMix system.

Dante to myMix interface for 32 audio channels with 24-bit/48kHz.
Including 1x Verto64 and 2x IEX16LA.

MADI to myMix Interface for 32 audio channels – 24-bit/48kHz. Contains 1 Ferrofish A32 and 2 IEX16L-A.

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