Personal Monitor Mixing in

Studio Applications

For studio musicians, it’s all about being in control of their own monitor mix.
For studio engineers, it’s all about saving time on hours of sound checks.

Both is accomplished with myMix.

With myMix musicians are in control of their individual sound and engineers are in control of the studio.

Stereo mixes can be sent back to the network so others, like an engineer, can listen to it and get a feel for how musicians like their sound. Adding myMix Control to the system allows engineers to make quick changes to any unit or support musicians who want to be “hands-off”.

myMix connects to any format,
including DANTE, MADI and ADAT.
Thanks to the network-based design, myMix can be used for every studio musician, by simply plugging in an additional network cable to the switch.

The integrated intercom makes it easy to talk to individual musicians or entire groups by simply recalling a profile with the dedicated names. myMix runs on a standard Ethernet network so it is easy to get high quality audio and communications channels throughout the building

The recording feature is very handy for recording rehearsals and using the multi-tracks  to play with later on – great for ‘independent study’ … and the audio quality is just amazing.

Darren Rust – Skyland Studios

myMix is a tool that every studio should have:
  • Musicians perform best when they are in their creative flow. myMix musicians can adjust level, tone, pan and add stereo effects for a 3D sound image, which allows them to concentrate on the music instead of the sound.
  • Engineers love myMix for the freedom it gives musicians to create what they want to hear, saving hours of sound checks. No more back and forth of “more keyboards, less vocals”.
  • myMix is budget friendly and can be integrated with any recording set up.
  • Firmware updates with new features allow you to keep your system up to date.
  • myMix provides flexibility and scalability. One or more units can be taken out of the system and set up for a band, solo artists, recording rooms and more.
  • myMix allows musicians to easily rehearse or create their performance at home – the recording function allows for play along, play back or one touch recording.
  • myMix is able to adjust the sound for studio rooms – even by nontechnical personnel.
  • myMix delivers audio / communication throughout the entire building in an easy and cost effective manner.


Kansai University

The renowned Kansai University SOCIO Sound Studio integrates a large myMix system for personal monitoring with equipment from RME in their workflow.

My friend and fellow musician, Paul Peterson introduced me to myMix and I thought it was the coolest new product that I have seen in a very long time. I use myMix in my studio.

The fact that all the musicians can dial in their own mix is incredible.
I am very picky when it comes to how things sound, and I’m incredible impressed with how true and transparent myMix is.

Oliver Leiber – producer & songwriter

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An Introduction to myMix

Watch Video

Chase Ryan and Jordan Brooks

Chase Ryan and Jordan Brooks explain how myMix helps to improve their productions. It’s easy to use, musicians hear better and they stay in the flow!

Skyland Studios

Skyland Studios

“The recording feature is very handy for recording rehearsals and using the multi-tracks  to play with later on – great for ‘independent study’ … and the audio quality is just amazing.”

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Appalachian State University Hayes School of Music

Appalachian State University Hayes School of Music

myMix Helps Appalachian State University Hayes School of Music Students Prepare for Real-World Recording Applications. Professor & Chief Recording Engineer Scott Wynne chooses myMix for its increased flexibility over standard mixing devices.

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Dantify your myMix system! We offer two solutions from our partner Ferrofish to add 16 or 32 myMix channels via ADAT to the leading Plug&Play network.

The Ferrofish VERTO devices deliver all the industry-leading features of Dante in a single compact device. VERTO32 and VERTO64 are out-of-the-box compatible with any other Dante-enabled device. They fit directly into the scalable network infrastructure – with the connection of a simple CAT5/6 cable. The devices are immediately detected with all I/Os and automatically configured. Every room with a Dante LAN connection can be used for recording or mixing – simply plug the VERTO into the network and start to work.


MADI is the industry standard for multi-channel audio at modern concert tours around the globe, classical music recordings, theatres and music studios.

Setups with several hundred channels in a complex setup, including recording interfaces, mixing consoles and converters to all existing audio formats, are easy to realize.

We provide a special bundle with a A32 from our partner Ferrofish. The 258-channel device supports MADI and offers industry-leading perfomance and usability.

Combo of IEX16L-A and Ferrofish Verto32 allows to get 16 audio channels from a DANTE network and feed them to a myMix system.

Dante to myMix interface for 32 audio channels with 24-bit/48kHz.
Including 1x Verto64 and 2x IEX16LA.

MADI to myMix Interface for 32 audio channels – 24-bit/48kHz. Contains 1 Ferrofish A32 and 2 IEX16L-A.



myMix in a small project studio

Big Band / Orchestra Recording Session

Project studio with multiple rooms

myMix Starter Packages



A starter package with everything needed to provide individual mixes and multi-track recording for 4 or even 7 musicians. All devices get connected with a network cable to the POE switch.

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A starter package with everything needed to provide individual stereo mixes and multi-track recording for 4 vocalists and 7 musicians with 26 audio channels to select from.

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A starter package with everything needed to provide individual stereo mixes and multi-track recording for up to 8 people, with 32 selectable audio channels to the mix.

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