Personal Monitor Mixing for

Performance Arts

Monitoring and communications for musicians, tech crew and more

Accomplished with myMix.

State-of-the art monitoring for the musicians, supervision and control for the engineers, communications and intercom, audio monitoring of RF microphones, high-quality audio transport over long distances, the list of applications for myMix goes on and on.

They are all derived from the flexible, decentralized IP network architecture and the low-latency 24-Bit/48kHz audio transport combined with the intuitive user interface.

Whether it’s five or 150 musicians, whether it’s 20 or 200 audio channels, myMix is as big as the job demands. Meaningful channel names- visible throughout the network allow an easy selection of the important audio channels. The stereo mix can be sent to the network, so it’s easy to listen to other mixes, or use myMix to create submixes inside the system. Up to 20 profiles save automatically all mix settings, and myMix Control allows for fast change overs, remote editing of any myMix using any computer or tablet.

To be honest, myMix is one of the best personal monitoring systems that I have ever heard, because its sound quality is really good too.

Ron Peeters (Monitors) – Pete Tong and the Heritage Orchestra Ibiza Classic Tour

myMix helps the supporting engineer to keep the musicians happy, but that’s not all. In many cases myMix is used by the crew as much or even more than by the musicians: audio monitoring of all individual wireless microphone channels for the RF operator, easy to set up intercom function that only large matrix system can offer.

The flexibility and versatility of myMix is second to none.

“Hoy no me puedo levantar” – The most successful musical in Spain with myMix.


Soweto Gospel Choir

Not many choirs are double Grammy Award winners, have sung alongside U2, and performed at a FIFA world cup event … But the Soweto Gospel Choir is no ordinary choir. This multi-talented 24-piece has been entertaining audiences across the globe since 2007.

Carefully selected from churches in their namesake town, the Soweto Gospel Choir is out on the road between six and nine months each year.

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FOH engineer, Helge Schlosser:
“On this show, it’s paramount to get the balance of the choir right. It has to sound big, so I use condensers in stereo pairs to create a bit of space and depth to the sound, but the problem we have always faced is feedback, because the stage is so loud, …
To remedy this, I opted to bring in a myMix [personal monitoring] system, which has saved me a lot of hassle, and has allowed me to get rid of some of the wedges and all of the backline. Beforehand, each band member had their own backline and wedge, and there were also wedges across the front for the choir and any soloists, but because I can DI analogue into the myMix, it’s changed everything; and furthermore, the ambient noise on stage has been reduced to an absolute minimum, so the feedback has gone.”

It’s pretty much as good as it gets now, and the clarity of the choir has dramatically improved, which is great, as it’s what the show is all about.

It’s proven to be a very reliable and flexible solution – a bit of a game-changer, in fact.

Soweto Gospel Choir – FOH engineer, Helge Schlosser

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Guthrie Theater – Minneapolis

A testimonial from Ross Anderson, master audio engineer at the Guthrie: how myMix- the decentralized networkable personal monitor mixing system saves time (and money) every day.
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myMix as Intercom System

Ibiza Classics

Ibiza Classics

A massive myMix system has been chosen to support Pete Tong and the Heritage Orchestra Ibiza Classic Tour. Fred van den Dulk from Next Level Audio conducted the system of 56 myMix and 5 IEX16LA input expander providing 80 channels to the 54 musicians.

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Dantify your myMix system! We offer two solutions from our partner Ferrofish to add 16 or 32 myMix channels via ADAT to the leading Plug&Play network.

The Ferrofish VERTO devices deliver all the industry-leading features of Dante in a single compact device. VERTO32 and VERTO64 are out-of-the-box compatible with any other Dante-enabled device. They fit directly into the scalable network infrastructure – with the connection of a simple CAT5/6 cable. The devices are immediately detected with all I/Os and automatically configured. Every room with a Dante LAN connection can be used for recording or mixing – simply plug the VERTO into the network and start to work.


MADI is the industry standard for multi-channel audio at modern concert tours around the globe, classical music recordings, theatres and music studios.

Setups with several hundred channels in a complex setup, including recording interfaces, mixing consoles and converters to all existing audio formats, are easy to realize.

We provide a special bundle with a A32 from our partner Ferrofish. The 258-channel device supports MADI and offers industry-leading perfomance and usability.

Combo of IEX16L-A and Ferrofish Verto32 allows to get 16 audio channels from a DANTE network and feed them to a myMix system.

Dante to myMix interface for 32 audio channels with 24-bit/48kHz.
Including 1x Verto64 and 2x IEX16LA.

MADI to myMix Interface for 32 audio channels – 24-bit/48kHz. Contains 1 Ferrofish A32 and 2 IEX16L-A.

Performance Art & Theater


Intercom and listening system in a cultural building

Large Broadcast/TV Orchestra ans band with myMix

Audio monitoring of wireless microphone channels

myMix in a musical theater

Sound distribution in a theater

myMix Starter Packages



A starter package with everything needed to provide individual mixes and multi-track recording for 4 or even 7 musicians. All devices get connected with a network cable to the POE switch.

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A starter package with everything needed to provide individual stereo mixes and multi-track recording for 4 vocalists and 7 musicians with 26 audio channels to select from.

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A starter package with everything needed to provide individual stereo mixes and multi-track recording for up to 8 people, with 32 selectable audio channels to the mix.

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