Personal Monitor Mixing for

Live Sound & Bands

A toolbox for musicians and engineers

With myMix musicians are in control of their individual sound and relieved engineers are in control of the whole performance.

State-of-the-art monitoring & sound control

myMix provides state-of-the art monitoring for the musicians, supervision and control for the engineers, additional communications and intercom, audio monitoring of RF microphones, high-quality audio transport over long distances. The list of applications for myMix goes on and on.

A modern plug & play, network-based audio system

myMix is based on a standard Ethernet network architecture and provides low-latency 24-Bit/48kHz audio transport. To add another monitoring frontend to an artist, just plug it with a network cable to the switch. The network delivers all audio data and power to the unit.

Flexibility and Scalability plus integrated Intercom

The myMix system is scalable up to 500 channels. It works perfectly from a solo artist up to a full orchestra or a big band. The integrated intercom makes it easy to talk to individual musicians or entire groups by simply recalling a profile with the dedicated names.

After three world tours, the myMix system is still working perfectly. I wouldn’t tour with any other system.

Don Moen

myMix – The essential live tool

  • Musicians perform best when they are in their creative flow. myMix musicians can adjust level, tone, pan and add stereo effects for a 3D sound image, which allows them to concentrate on the music instead of the sound.
  • Engineers love myMix for the freedom it gives musicians to create what they want to hear, saving hours of sound checks. No more back and forth of “more keyboards, less vocals”.
  • myMix is budget friendly and can be integrated with any live setup.
  • myMix provides an intuitive user interface, which allows to adjust the sound for individual live performances – even by nontechnical personnel.
  • myMix allows musicians to easily rehearse or create their performance at home – the recording function allows for play along, play back or one touch recording.
  • Firmware updates with new features allow you to keep your system up to date.
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myMix at the Royal Albert Hall with The Teenage Cancer Trust &The Who

Liam Halpin speaks during set up at the Royal Albert Hall for The Teenage Cancer Trust. He explains how he was using myMix as a comprehensive shout system during the week of gigs that featured The Who, Van Morrison, Paul Weller, Stereophonics, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Frank Turner and a night of comedy hosted by Kevin Bridges.

Whether it’s five or 150 musicians, whether it’s 20 or 200 audio channels, myMix is as big as the job demands.

Meaningful channel names – visible throughout the network allow an easy selection of the important audio channels. The stereo mix can be sent to the network, so it’s easy to listen to other mixes, or use myMix to create submixes inside the system.

Up to 20 profiles save automatically all mix settings, and myMix Control allows for fast change overs, remote editing of any myMix using any computer or tablet.

myMix helps the supporting engineer to keep the musicians happy, but that’s not all. In many cases myMix is used by the crew as much or even more than by the musicians: audio monitoring of all individual wireless microphone channels for the RF operator, easy to set up intercom function that only large matrix system can offer. The flexibility and versatility of myMix is second to none.

myMix provides a rugged, compact, portable design; fantastic audio specs and consistent monitoring from concert to concert. This is very important to me as we don’t travel with a monitoring engineer on tours.

Abraham Martinez – Sound engineer for multi Grammy-award winners Marcos Witt

From rehearsal to stage

myMix for Live Bands

No matter how good the band is, with myMix everyone will play better! Musicians will benefit from great sound with stereo effects for everyone to experience a 3D sound image both on stage and in rehearsals; ease of traveling as it is light and compact; the ability to set up completely independent of the main console which ensures great, individual sound for each musician.

Because myMix is a decentralized system, every musician can use their own myMix independently, or connect two together for a small session or as 4-track recording studio. The free myMix Wave tool allows playing back pre-produced multi-track material, so presenting a new song idea to the band, or playing a party with backing tracks becomes easy. myMix fully supports the creativity of the musicians and their desire to play.

myMix provides a guaranteed great sound for every concert, without extra sound checks.

Bands love the multi-track recording feature which captures spontaneous creative moments or entire concerts on SDHC cards. Recording are all in 24-bit wave files, so they can be remixed or used to practice at home playing along. Is the drummer running late for rehearsal? No problem … take the myMix and playback the session from last week, solo the drum channels and feed that mix to the network- so instead of the live drums everybody can now listen to the recorded tracks and play!


Don Moen

“I’ve used virtually every in ear monitoring system available on my tours for the past 15 years and was pleasantly surprised when I used myMix for the first time. myMix is durable, (surviving grueling world tours) very user friendly, sonically amazing (my band would all agree) and best of all … it’s affordable! Before you make a decision to purchase an in ear monitoring system, you owe it to yourself to check out myMix.

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myMix has actually allowed me to concentrate on the performance, instead of trying to attract the engineers attention so he can adjust the levels of what I hear onstage. myMix allows each musician to have control over what they hear in their monitor.

Ard Matthews, Lead Singer of Just Jinjer – South Africa’s Premier Rock Band

myMix Live Sound & Band Users
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BIGRAT- Live Recording on myMix

Club Gig in Nuremberg, Germany, 5 myMix and 1 IEX16 for monitoring, soundtrack recorded live on.

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Magic Bus Band

… we LOVE these units. Our band plays a lot of festivals where pro sound is provided …

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Radio Festival @ Parque Simon Bolivar, Bogota – Colombia

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Ital Stew – Kevens live DUBSTEP experience

Filmed at Sunset Cove amphitheater in Boca Raton Florida.
Kēvens brought an all live dub step reggae/rock feel to that show and it was well received.

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Loco Flamenca

‘Loco Flamenca’ by the Terence Hansen Trio.

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Chase Ryan and Jordan Brooks

Chase Ryan (has worked for artists such as Debby Ryan, Alyson Stoner, IM5, Mdot, Bella Thorne, Latin Grammy artist Manuel Romero, The Jungle Fires, Gabbie Rae and many more) and Jordan Brooks explain how myMix helps to improve their productions. It’s easy to use, musicians hear better and they stay in the flow!

Jeff Lorber & Band

Jeff Lorber & Band

The Grammy Award Winning keyboardist, composer and record producer is using myMix in his awesome studio and live on tour. Check out his testimonial.

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Dantify your myMix system! We offer two solutions from our partner Ferrofish to add 16 or 32 myMix channels via ADAT to the leading Plug&Play network.

The Ferrofish VERTO devices deliver all the industry-leading features of Dante in a single compact device. VERTO32 and VERTO64 are out-of-the-box compatible with any other Dante-enabled device. They fit directly into the scalable network infrastructure – with the connection of a simple CAT5/6 cable. The devices are immediately detected with all I/Os and automatically configured. Every room with a Dante LAN connection can be used for recording or mixing – simply plug the VERTO into the network and start to work.


MADI is the industry standard for multi-channel audio at modern concert tours around the globe, classical music recordings, theatres and music studios.

Setups with several hundred channels in a complex setup, including recording interfaces, mixing consoles and converters to all existing audio formats, are easy to realize.

We provide a special bundle with a A32 from our partner Ferrofish. The 258-channel device supports MADI and offers industry-leading perfomance and usability.

Combo of IEX16L-A and Ferrofish Verto32 allows to get 16 audio channels from a DANTE network and feed them to a myMix system.

Dante to myMix interface for 32 audio channels with 24-bit/48kHz.
Including 1x Verto64 and 2x IEX16LA.

MADI to myMix Interface for 32 audio channels – 24-bit/48kHz. Contains 1 Ferrofish A32 and 2 IEX16L-A.

Live Sound & Bands


Monitor and Intercom for Big-Band or Musical production

Personal monitor mixing using console and local inputs

myMix as 10-ch mixing console for monitors and PA

Tour Rig for band – independent from main console

Audio Monitoring for wireless microphone systems

Large Orchestra-monitor mix with 60+ audio channels

Solo Touring Rig- for single musicians playing with different bands

myMix stand alone system for band rehearsal

Use myMix it without backline for a silent rehearsal

Band touring kit – independent of the main console

Signals from the console and local myMix inputs

Two myMix using one for play along

Two mymix as Mini-PA: 4 inputs, 2 stereo mixes with FX

myMix as 10-ch mixing console for FOH and monitors

myMix Starter Packages



A starter package with everything needed to provide individual mixes and multi-track recording for 4 or even 7 musicians. All devices get connected with a network cable to the POE switch.

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A starter package with everything needed to provide individual stereo mixes and multi-track recording for 4 vocalists and 7 musicians with 26 audio channels to select from.

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A starter package with everything needed to provide individual stereo mixes and multi-track recording for up to 8 people, with 32 selectable audio channels to the mix.

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