House of Worship Testimonial

New Life Church – Mumbai, India

WWe bought our myMix system with 8 units in May 2011, and there is no doubt that myMix has immensely improved the quality of our music since then.

The learning curve involved was minimal which is a huge plus–it saves everyone a lot of time. Using in-ears reduces stage volume and improves the house sound big time so both musicians and congregants enjoy the overall improvement.

I learned about myMix from Chuck Harris, Don Moen’s engineer, when I worked with him on the Mumbai leg of their India tour. He also helped me integrate the system for our church.

The concept of myMix having the local inputs of the myMix units as well as an IEX16 input expander really appealed to me as it gave me better flexibility. The fact that we can use this as a stand-alone system really was something we focused on because it is a feature other products don’t have.

We are a portable church which means we do not have a dedicated console or an engineer. With myMix, we can use it for rehearsals and performances without any compromise. The separate profiles which automatically store all settings are a big help for us.

The multi-track recording is also something very helpful – for rehearsals but also to capture whole concerts- the audio quality is amazing.

We recently added a IEX16L to our system and after using myMix now nearly one year I can only recommend it.

Ajay Cardozo – Worship Leader and Sound Engineer,
New Life Church, Bandra, Mumbai, India

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