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An Introduction to myMix

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Successful In-Ear Monitoring

Successful In-Ear Monitoring – learn what’s really important to avoid frustration!

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Chuck Harris: myMix Testimonial

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myMix for Houses of Worship

What will myMix do for your music ministry? The myMix system has been used in everything from small churches to the largest congregations. Thousands of satisfied customers have already discovered the advantages of this flexible system.

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myMix at the Royal Albert Hall with The Teenage Cancer Trust &The Who

Liam Halpin speaks during set up at the Royal Albert Hall for The Teenage Cancer Trust. He explains how he was using myMix as a comprehensive shout system during the week of gigs that featured The Who, Van Morrison, Paul Weller, Stereophonics, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Frank Turner and a night of comedy hosted by Kevin Bridges.

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Kes The Band – Energetic Caribbean fusion with myMix

See the live performance. Growing up in Trinidad where there is a melting pot of people, flavors, and sounds, it’s no wonder “Kes The Band” has such a unique blend of music. The band mixes calypso melodies, rock riffs and island beats. They are also a long-time user of the myMix personal monitoring system.

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Webinar 1: Fundamentals when using in-ear monitors

This webinar explains some psychoacoustical basics for in-ear monitors. Why it is important to use a 3D sound with in-ear monitors, and the role of ambient microphones.

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Webinar 2: How to feed your musicians a well balanced

The webinar covers:

  • the difference between a house mix and a IEM mix understanding the musicians (different tech levels)
  • providing a guideline for your set up by showing and explaining examples
  • how to benefit from myMix “virtually unlimited” channel count

It is targeted for sound technicians and engineers as well as all everybody else administering the sound system.


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Webinar 3: myMix Control

See how myMix Control can help you save change over time by saving and loading entire projects with all settings, or jump-start a new musician by editing or copying a mix remotely from your tablet. This webinar shows how you can maximize your myMix system with myMix Control. It is also a very handy addition to the myMix Control User Manual.

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Webinar4: Signal selection for a personal monitor mix

This webinar was hosted by Mike Sessler from Church Tech Arts.
Topics covered: differences between a main mix and a (in-ear) monitor mix, understandig the musicians, what channels to select ( 2 examples), get more choices by adding the myMix local inputs, improve communication using myMix as intercom, quick system overview. 20min.

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myMix at the Royal Albert Hall with the Teenage Cancer Trust and The Who

myMix used for the crew at Royal Albert Hall for Teenage Cancer Trust and The Who.

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KES The Band

KES THE BAND loves myMix – they use two kits for stage and studio. Audio in this clip partly recorded.

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Magic Bus Band

… we LOVE these units. Our band plays a lot of festivals where pro sound is provided …

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BIGRAT- Live Recording on myMix

Club Gig in Nuremberg, Germany, 5 myMix and 1 IEX16 for monitoring, soundtrack recorded live on.

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Radio Festival @ Parque Simon Bolivar, Bogota – Colombia

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Ital Stew – Kevens live DUBSTEP experience

Filmed at Sunset Cove amphitheater in Boca Raton Florida.
Kēvens brought an all live dub step reggae/rock feel to that show and it was well received.

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Loco Flamenca

‘Loco Flamenca’ by the Terence Hansen Trio.

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Chase Ryan and Jordan Brooks

Chase Ryan (has worked for artists such as Debby Ryan, Alyson Stoner, IM5, Mdot, Bella Thorne, Latin Grammy artist Manuel Romero, The Jungle Fires, Gabbie Rae and many more) and Jordan Brooks explain how myMix helps to improve their productions. It’s easy to use, musicians hear better and they stay in the flow!

More myMix Testimonials

Open Heaven Studios – Korea

“We got the MyMix control and it works perfectly” – Justin Kim, Open Heaven Studio, Korea

Jeff Lorber & Band

The Grammy Award Winning keyboardist, composer and record producer is using myMix in his awesome studio and live on tour. Check out his testimonial.

Chris Minh Doky – Bassist, composer & bandleader, myMix User

Growing up in Trinidad where there is a melting pot of people, flavors, and sounds, it’s no wonder “Kes The Band” has such a unique blend of music.

Kes The Band – Caribbean fusion of music with myMix system

Growing up in Trinidad where there is a melting pot of people, flavors, and sounds, it’s no wonder “Kes The Band” has such a unique blend of music.

Christmas 2019 Concert at Water Garden Festival Mall Manila (Phillippines)

myMix monitoring power on a mega event in Manila! O Holy Night – by Victory Worship

Skyland Studios

“The recording feature is very handy for recording rehearsals and using the multi-tracks  to play with later on – great for ‘independent study’ … and the audio quality is just amazing.”

Guthrie Theater Minneapolis

“We actually maintain a full set of tools and myMix is one of those tools. We needed to get something that was more in tune with today’s technology; something that is modular … “

Kansai University – SOCIO Sound Studio

Kansai University SOCIO Sound Studio with myMix for personal monitoring intergrated with equipment from RME.

Eddie Jobson – Mobile myMix setup

3 x myMix and x 1 IEX16 for monitoring and multi-track recording. The compact set up travels all over the world.

Appalachian State University Hayes School of Music

myMix Helps Appalachian State University Hayes School of Music Students Prepare for Real-World Recording Applications. Professor & Chief Recording Engineer Scott Wynne chooses myMix for its increased flexibility over standard mixing devices.