Personal Monitor Mixing for

AV Installations

Advanced Networked-based Communication System

From classical room-combining, to simultaneous translations, emergency operation centers, long-distance audio transport over existing network infrastructure, or background music with intercom, the number of application possibilities for myMix are almost limitless.

myMix runs on every in-house network. The decentralized network design – allows to send and receive audio from everywhere in the network. The integrated inputs and outputs, including MicPreamp turn every myMix unit into a full network-based communication frontend. Just connect a new myMix audio port to the network switch.

myMix provides flexibility and scalability with up to 500 channels. The outstanding audio quality qualifies myMix as a leading dynamic addition to any application in the AV market.

Intuitive, name based user interface. Easy to operate, flexible to use. The additional myMix control software provides adminsitrative control to manage even large communication arrays with ease.

A different way to look at myMix is an audio-network two-channel in-out box, with an integrated audio mixer that can be labeled and easy to use by non-technical personal.

For surface mount installations myMix Install comes in an elegant metal housing with a glass panel, connections on Euro-block and a back box.


Disneyland Hong Kong

Design for a large myMix intercom system with several end-points in buildings around the area.

Mood Media of South Texas

Four myMix Install and one IEX16L in a hotel on South Padre Island.

The myMix Install blend nicely into the stylish environment, allowing individual mixing for local inputs and common audio programs.


30 myMix in a Emergency Operations Center in Springfield, MO to allow the operators to select the desired audio channel with one of the many screen.

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myMix Set Up for a Music School

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Introduction to myMix Control

Skyland Studios

Skyland Studios

“The recording feature is very handy for recording rehearsals and using the multi-tracks  to play with later on – great for ‘independent study’ … and the audio quality is just amazing.”

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Guthrie Theater Minneapolis

Guthrie Theater Minneapolis

“We actually maintain a full set of tools and myMix is one of those tools. We needed to get something that was more in tune with today’s technology; something that is modular … “

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AV Installation


Combine Buildings- Commercial Audio

Classical Room Combining with myMix

Sound Distribution – Commercial Sound

Sound Distribution – Multiple Stages

Large Area Sound Surveillance

Intercom and Listening in cultural venue or theater

System for Simultaneous Translation

One teacher using myMix to work with multiple students

Audio Monitoring of Wireless Microphone Channels

Remote rooms combined with main system

myMix in EOC for private listening

Ambient Mics, Reporter Mics and Intercom over Long Distance

myMix Starter Packages



A starter package with everything needed to provide individual mixes and multi-track recording for 4 or even 7 musicians. All devices get connected with a network cable to the POE switch.

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A starter package with everything needed to provide individual stereo mixes and multi-track recording for 4 vocalists and 7 musicians with 26 audio channels to select from.

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A starter package with everything needed to provide individual stereo mixes and multi-track recording for up to 8 people, with 32 selectable audio channels to the mix.

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