Personal Monitor Mixing in

Houses of Worship

In less than 3 minutes, find out how myMix will benefit your music ministry, no matter what the size of your house of worship. Learn more in the video.

From small churches to mega congregations.

Thousands of satisfied worshippers have discovered the advantages of the myMix system.

myMix is the perfect addition for live performances in any houses of worship. It’s not only the monitor mixing system on stage, because it can be used stand alone, the youth group can take it out for sessions, the multi-track recording and playback allows for new band members to get up to speed in no time, and many other advantages.

myMix drives headphones or in/ears and provides hundreds of channels – enough even for huge Sunday services. It only needs a network switch.

myMix connects to any format,
including DANTE, MADI and ADAT.

myMix provides easy to operate 3D sound image & internal FX – more than in most small PA mixers.

Listen to it! Nothing else comes close to myMix.

Seth Jeffery – Technical Integrator New Life Church, Little Rock, Arkansas

For your music ministry myMix will:
  • Substantially reduce the stage volume. It dramatically improves the house sound quality.
  • Provide impeccable audio quality. Musicians that hear better will perform better.
  • Make set up and change-overs at rehearsals and performances much more efficient. Use the precious time for playing music, not dealing with gear.
  • Be easy for musicians to operate. Makes for happy musicians and relieves engineers.
  • Allow your entire Sunday Service to be recorded and easily duplicated or uploaded to various media
  • Provide flexibility and scalability. One or more units can be taken out of the system and set up for youth group, solo artists, event rooms, and more.
  • Allow musicians to easily rehearse or create music at home – recording function allows for play along, play back or one touch recording.
  • Be able to adjust the sound for extra rooms – even by nontechnical personnel.
  • Deliver audio / communication throughout the entire building in an easy and cost effective manner.

WOW! I guess I just didn‘t realize it was possible for it to sound that good so I never really worked on it.“- Drummer, after TD Roman Burrows showed how to create a 3D sound on myMix.

Roman Burrows – Roman Burrows, Tech Director First Covenant Church, Salinas, KS

Nolan Rossi myMix Review in Church Production Magazine

“I’m impressed with myMix! …. it’s much more than just a personal monitor mixing system.”

Read the full review from Church Production Magazine September 2014.

Jimmy Swaggart-92 Audio Channel System

A total of 92 audio channels and 20+ myMix are used in Jimmy Swaggart’s ministry Baton-Rouge, LA. Musicians and vocalists create their individual mixes, the engineers can listen to individual mixes and remotely control.

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myMix is the leading praise team monitoring solution in service in countless churches around the world.

The only product of its kind on the market today.

After three world tours, the myMix system is still working perfectly.

I wouldn’t tour with any other system.

Don Moen

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Chuck Harris: myMix Testimonial

Chuck Harris, FOH engineer for famous worship artist Don Moen speaks about myMix.

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Chase Ryan and Jordan Brooks

Chase Ryan and Jordan Brooks explain how myMix helps to improve their productions. It’s easy to use, musicians hear better and they stay in the flow!

Grace Church, Eden Prairie, MN

Grace Church, Eden Prairie, MN

With over 4200 seats, Grace Church is the largest church in Minnesota and one of the largest in the Midwest. The entire A/V equipment has always met very high standards and so it is no surprise that Grace Church has been using personal monitor/mixing combined with IEM and state-of-the-art technology for many years.

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First Covenant Church Salina, KS

First Covenant Church Salina, KS

Testimonial from TD Roman Burrows, after showing the musicians 3D-sound: “WOW! It is like I am in the room with them. I guess I just didn’t realize it was possible for it to sound that good so I never really worked on it.”

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First Baptist Church of Everett, WA

First Baptist Church of Everett, WA

The first Baptist Church of Everett uses a powerful 12 piece myMix system with 34 channels. One myMix is used at the FOH console. The drummer is creating an 8 mic drum sub mix and sending that to the network for all to use as their drums.

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Dantify your myMix system! We offer two solutions from our partner Ferrofish to add 16 or 32 myMix channels via ADAT to the leading Plug&Play network.

The Ferrofish VERTO devices deliver all the industry-leading features of Dante in a single compact device. VERTO32 and VERTO64 are out-of-the-box compatible with any other Dante-enabled device. They fit directly into the scalable network infrastructure – with the connection of a simple CAT5/6 cable. The devices are immediately detected with all I/Os and automatically configured. Every room with a Dante LAN connection can be used for recording or mixing – simply plug the VERTO into the network and start to work.


MADI is the industry standard for multi-channel audio at modern concert tours around the globe, classical music recordings, theatres and music studios.

Setups with several hundred channels in a complex setup, including recording interfaces, mixing consoles and converters to all existing audio formats, are easy to realize.

We provide a special bundle with a A32 from our partner Ferrofish. The 258-channel device supports MADI and offers industry-leading perfomance and usability.

Combo of IEX16L-A and Ferrofish Verto32 allows to get 16 audio channels from a DANTE network and feed them to a myMix system.

Dante to myMix interface for 32 audio channels with 24-bit/48kHz.
Including 1x Verto64 and 2x IEX16LA.

MADI to myMix Interface for 32 audio channels – 24-bit/48kHz. Contains 1 Ferrofish A32 and 2 IEX16L-A.

House of Worship


Large system. Using a MADI feed from the console

Large system. Inputs from console and mic splitter

Medium size HOW system, signals from main console

Small system using myMix for monitor and main mix

92-channel myMix system with Jimmy Swaggart’s Ministries

Medium Size HOW system with additional myMix Install

3 x myMix as console for small event

myMix as 10-channel mixing console for monitor and PA

Starter Kit with 5 myMix for 8 musicians

MixPack 5 – Monitoring for 11 musicians

myMix Starter Packages



A starter package with everything needed to provide individual mixes and multi-track recording for 4 or even 7 musicians. All devices get connected with a network cable to the POE switch.

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A starter package with everything needed to provide individual stereo mixes and multi-track recording for 4 vocalists and 7 musicians with 26 audio channels to select from.

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A starter package with everything needed to provide individual stereo mixes and multi-track recording for up to 8 people, with 32 selectable audio channels to the mix.

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