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Woodstock tribute: Magic Bus Band

… we LOVE these units. Our band plays a lot of festivals where pro sound is provided and sometimes we have to use their floor wedge monitors and every time that happens we hate it.

We have become very spoiled with our MyMix system and use it every chance we can. It is the perfect system for our setup. Most times we use no stage amps, even our drummer uses a electronic kit. Everything is direct to the FOH and the sound engineer loves it.

Zero bleed thru of any instrument thru the vocal mics and total control of FOH sound. Because we also rehearse with the MyMix system our sound checks are very short and easy as there is no need for a stage sound setup, just FOH. Another thing we tell people that we love about using the system is for learning songs for rehearsals.

We are a “Summer of Love”, Woodstock” tribute band that arranges many medleys and customs beginnings and endings to songs that are difficult to always remember and/or teach new players. By being able to record our rehearsals onto the SD card it allows us to go home and playback the rehearsal and mute your own channel(s) so you can “practice” the difficult parts of songs along with the band, just like it they were with you live.

We get a lot of musicians who come see us perform and they are always amazed at the MyMix when we explain what it is and how it works.

Bob Manzitti, Magic Bus Band

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