myMix Live Sound Testimonial

Jose Luis Perales on Tour with myMix

Finally, after 2 ½ months of touring the American continent from north to south, I have found a minute to write about myMix.

I think it is definitely the best monitoring system that exists!

MIGUEL ARBÓ FERNÁNDEZ, Monitor Engineer of Jose Luis Perales

After using it in more than 35 concerts, shipping it on 50 flights through ten countries, myMix has not given us a single problem, not a single failure. It is very intuitive and comfortable and provides so many possibilities like the multi-track recording on a SD card (on 16GB, almost 2 hours), effects per channel, EQ, sending the outputs to wireless, two XLR inputs with phantom power …

Summary: a very reliable tool.

There has not been a single sound company during our concerts that has not been interested in checking out how we use myMix. The musicians enjoy not having to depend on me for any adjustment of their instrument … so sometimes I don’t feel needed…

Monitor engineers–don’t worry: myMix is not going to take your job. It’s more like in a good restaurant, you need a good chef, even if it is self-service.”

The used system components:

  • 8 x myMix,
  • 1 x IEX16L,
  • 1 x Power8 switch,
  • 1 x myMix CONTROL

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