House of Worship Testimonial

First Covenant Church, Salina, KS

Hey guys,

I am the Technical Director at First Covenant Church, Salina, KS.

We have been using myMix for about a year now. 8 mixers, 34 channels on the network, 2 IEX16LA fed with 2 ADAT cards out of our Yamaha DM2000 mixer. Using one mixer for a stereo drum submix sent to the network. We also have a myMix control for administration.

We had the famous blue boxes for mixers before myMix.

I just wanted to let you know about last night’s rehearsal. I have been taking time recently to go around using a headphone splitter to plug into the musicians mixes on stage and help them out with their mixes. I tell them, “Watch me make your mix sound better without changing any volumes on your mix” I use the tone, pan and effects to give it a 3D sound. Usually they smile after afterwards and acknowledge that it is better.

The best one was our drummer. He plays in a full isolation booth. I plugged into his mixer with my headphones and all he was feeding himself was the worship leader, the leader’s guitar, some of the drum submix, and the click track. He gave me a dirty look when I started changing things and when the song was over he said…”I don’t’ have a problem with the way my mix sounds, it works fine for me”. I told him. „What if I told you it can sound good and you can hear more instruments?” He was willing to try.

I was able to use the controls to feed him what he already had plus some bass, electric guitar, the BGVs and piano. He stopped after the song was over and here is the best part–he said, “WOW! It is like I am in the room with them.. I guess I just didn’t realize it was possible for it to sound that good so I never really worked on it.”

Congratulations guys. That is the best quote of all and sums up my experience with myMix.

Next step for us, put our vocalists on wireless IEM on myMix. What is MSRP on RX2?

Thanks, Roman

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